Does salad slow down your computer?

does salad slow down your computer also when you play games does it slow down the games

Because Salad uses your computer’s resources to mine cryptocurrency, your performance in games and applications will be pretty heavily lowered while mining. This is especially apparent if you’re mining with a CPU since it’s used for a lot more than your GPU is when casually using your computer. Performance will be restored to its usual whenever you stop Salad.

how do you stop salad? and does it slow down your computer like does it make your cpu do less fps

did you see my comment?

By default, Salad should only start after 10 min of inactivity. So if you are playing a game, Salad won’t start. You can change the settings or the time in Settings/Desktop App of the application.

while you playing a game salad will stop then it will start your minutes that you set in the settings