Donating on Twitch through SaladPay

Hey, hi, hello. Thought that this little feature would make sense to some people, but not all. Being able to donate using SaladPay instead of having to get a Twitch gift card (if anyone even does) would cut down the cost, and also make it easier to talk to streamers you like.

I know not everyone will like this because they mine to keep the money, not donate it. Some people actually might like this suggestions, so why not suggest it!

Currently, SaladPay is still in development & these donation platforms/twitch may not implement SaladPay as it’s not viable for everybody. SaladPay will probably never be added to Twitch or Streamlabs as salad is not that popular and the payment gateway will not be that used that much compared to others (Like G2APay)

Also, I suggest donating to some charity and not to a twitch thot /s

Luckily, I refrain from watching those people on Twitch. Thanks for the feedback though, I made this post just to spread the idea of it.

Maybe buy a digital visa and use it to donate cheers on twitch? Maybe a way to obtain what you want to do.
Duno if it will work, but you can give it a try

Twitch giftcards and donating bits.