Earnings drop since Sunday?

Dear all,
After the spike caused by the last community challenge, anyone has experienced a serious earnings drop since Sunday night? my daily income has nearly halved. I know there can be wild fluctuations from 15 minutes to 15 minutes, but the last 2 days have been constantly -50% vs last week, with no sign of picking up again.
I am not familiar with long period oscillations, happy to hear your exp.

…Or are we paying back the 2x of the last weekend :slight_smile: ?
Many thanks to all

Experiencing the same. It feels like they are taking back what they gave in those couple of days. I mean it’s maybe not the case. I’m just unhappy with the current rate.

Crypto earnings just generally went down from the peak it was at, completely out of Salad’s control
Many others have also seen the same thing, though this is still better than it was like half a year ago

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Yep, I was also considering the hits taken by Bitcoin and others recently.

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Yeah, I also noticed it. I am CPU mining so my earnings are not much, but before the challenge, I was earning about $0.05/day, then when the challenge started, I thought it would increase from $0.05/day to at least $0.08/day, but it reduced to $0.03/day and now it got reduced to $0.02/day. I think something is wrong with Salad’s miners.

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Your earnings are direcly impacted by 3 main things:

  1. What coin do you mine
  2. Whats its price?
  3. Whats its dificulty?
    dificulty is based on how much coin you get and is determined for how much people are mining said coin, when massive amouts of people start mining, your ernings drop, and vica versa