Earnings Suddenly Dropping

I have a Nvidia 1050 TI and usually when mining, I see green, yellow, or red triangles on the right side on the summary page and usually make ~$0.01 to ~$0.10 every 15 min. All of a sudden two days ago the triangles on the right turned brown and now I’m making ~$0.001 to ~$0.006 every 15 min. I tried reinstalling twice now to no avail. Can someone explain what’s going on to me or try to help? Thanks in advance.

Why your earnings dropped i dont know, but the triangles are just the vegetables that you can see underneath.

Yeah but why’d the color change to brown?

You go to the next level.

It might be the mushroomsimage

What do you mean the ‘next level’?

Yeah, it’s starting to look like the three mushrooms, but why would my earnings drop?

It could be that you saw those high earnings during the global temporary 2x earnings phase, as well as that earnings were higher a few days ago than recently; your current earnings are sounding correct for a 1050ti. The XP system (the cool looking triangles on the right) has no impact on earnings.

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