Few new quality of life features

I have been using salad for the last 2-3 months. And I have been loving it. but it won’t hurt to have a few features like

  1. limiting the amount of GPU / CPU usage with a slider, will default to 100%, but if I am playing a low computationally intensive game. I can put it to 70% for a smoother experience since running salad and a game at the same time usually don’t mix.

  2. Option to choose miner for PC. More accurately choose a specific version. Salad will still choose the best miner available for your PC. but more advanced users can change the version of the miner.

  3. Salad can donate its computational power to other research-based projects which need computational power. This can be done during a salad outage. A toggle can be there for people who don’t want to donate (defaults to off).

  4. Reducing the amount of time before salad auto-mines. 10 minutes is a short time but this can be reduced to 5 or even 1 minute. since many a time it has happened that I forgot to start salad and I return before 10 minutes. resetting the timer. and earning no balance. for new users, it will still default to 10 minutes.

These few features will help the community a lot. Thanks for this wonderful app.