[Forums] No more off topic posts / General discussion category

Since there’s been quite a few joke or general discussion posts in the Community Support category, e.g.:



I’d rather have a separate category for general discussion, so the support category remains nice and tidy and serious support posts aren’t flooded away(not currently the case, but if more people join the forums, this could be an actual issue). Additionally, the currently way more common joke posts could lead to people disabling notifications for the support category/turning away from the category because nobody is taking it seriously. Also, the Forum Guidelines already state not to open topics in the wrong category, which would be the case for these posts.
The General Discussion category could also be used for meta discussion/questions relating to using the forums.

TL;DR: In my opinion, joke/off topic posts should stay out of the Community Support category, and a “General Discussion” category could be made instead.

Yes! We need more categories! (Check out this post too)


i do agree, a general discussion category definitely would be something id enjoy lol

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Please flag threads and posts as off-topic, and the moderation team can decide to close or remove them. We have chosen to limit the forums to “Community Support” and “Feature Requests” categories. We’d like to keep other topics in existing channels (e.g. Discord).