Genshin Impact Rewards

Genshin is a fast-growing gacha game, and the gacha aspect of it sucks in a way since a lot of characters gets locked behind ‘Luck’ while pulling for them using the game currency ‘Primogems’ or ‘Genesis Crystals’. Granted, these currencies (Primogems) can be saved up by playing but it takes a huge amount of saving up (lets say 2-3 months) unless you have some insane luck to get the character you want and sometimes you don’t even get them either due to their 50/50 system or the banner time runs out.

“Genesis Crystals” are the locked-behind-paywall currency which lets you counters these issues. But, most of genshin players are teenagers & as such, most of them don’t have access to credit/debit cards which allows them to make these transactions. This is where Salad comes in, Salad lets players buy these “Genesis Crystals” using their Salad Balance.

But is it possible to give some Genesis Crystals without login in into their account? Yes, it is possible to send crystals to someone just by using their UID. Mihoyo (creator of genshin) have a partnered website which lets you do that: Genshin Impact Top Up (Genesis Crystals) | Codashop PH | Codashop. This site is confirmed to be safe by Mihoyo & works flawlessly.

And now to the bad part, The Flaws of Genesis Crystals: Unfortunately, Genesis Crystals can only be converted into “Primogems” and nothing else (other than a few useless bundles). Meaning, you won’t be able to buy their Monthly Subscription “Welkin Moon” and their Battle Pass. But unfortunately, Genesis Crystals are the only thing that are top-upable using third party while Welkin and BattlePass requires actual money. So, it is better off buying a $20 visa and refreshing your subscriptions every month if you’re not a high spender. But hey, adding genesis crystals is a step forward. Maybe we will see a mihoyo x salad in the future :eyes: