Get Offerwalls back!

Hello salad team, i know that this was a recent decision from your staff to remove the offerwalls from the platform but just hear my opinion & thoughts about it

so first of all if what annoys you is users complaining about the Offerwalls not working for them because they don’t work for everybody then simply just have some sort of a disclaimer somewhere wether it’d be in the discord server or somewhere else!

i earn over $30-40 a month from the Offerwalls and yes while not all offers there work for me but i do earn extra money and so do some users

i hope you re-consider this and get it back cause not working for some users doesn’t mean entirely removing it from the platform and having these ones that work for with nothing you know what i’m saying i just see that as a selfish act

i totally agree

to be honest i don’t even know why they removed them

i wasnt earning much but like $1 daily


i upvote you and i hope they listen too


get offerwalls back staff :frowning:

i was doing apps there


everyone share this so they can see

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Hey! I understand that offerwalls was a way for some users to get Salad Balance but it wasn’t the most reliable way either…Basically, some offerwalls would work but most wouldn’t. A lot of users were not getting the promised Salad Balance. Also, their support team was just VERY slow, there have been instances where it takes more than 2 months just for them to respond and I’ve heard that their responses aren’t the best either.

However, just because offerwalls were removed doesn’t mean a new system won’t implemented to earn Salad Balance. I bet the team is thinking of new innovative ways for users to get Salad Balance by doing some sort of task!

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Hello Kima,

Note that I am replying in my capacity as a user of the app that also has been involved with Salad for over 2 years now. I am not replying in any way as a direct contact from Salad, and what I say is purely based on my experience and time on Salad.

I understand the frustration that may come from the removal of the offerwalls, which allowed some of you to earn quite some money, more so than just mining.

If I take a passage of the announcement message that was made in the server, here’s what we can get: “[…] discontinuing support to focus on whipping up new ways to make the most from your PC”. What Salad is trying to focus on here is fleshing out Salad.

This removal of offerwalls is possibly made in the idea to accommodate for other earning methods, which have already been discussed, such as:

  • Internet connection related earnings
  • Hard Drive / storage space related earnings
  • Proof of stake to replace proof of work
  • The Data processing system

These are all not confirmed at all, but judging by the surveys Salad did, and the general direction Salad is aiming, I can confidently say that these are options the Salad team has explored or is exploring at this moment.

Also, I wouldn’t think that the fact that some users complained is the reason why it was removed. As a support assistant in the Discord server, I have seen the amount of people getting an issue, and it was quickly resolved. The issue probably lies somewhere else.

All in all I don’t want to rule out the fact that offerwalls will come back (especially since I don’t have a say in this), but Salad did make this choice after an amount of deliberation and thinking over the ups and downs of doing so.
It isn’t a rash on-the-spot choice, but rather a methodical choice, so there must be a reasoning behind it that isn’t so obvious right now, but may become evident later on.

Hope this could get your understanding, or at least make you think differently of the removal of the offerwalls and the new perspective it offers.


You can still finish the apps you had started!

(You have until May 10th at noon MST in order to finish them)

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Salad added disclaimers. Nobody listens to them and continued to complain about their support in salad’s support channels like they can do anything to fix it. The offerwalls did issues to most people on the platform, and probably salad had their own reasons to remove them as well we don’t know.

the offerwalls were giving people from specific countries higher earnings rates which tbh if you’re not from those countries you barely make anything and not worth the time.

The offerwalls sometimes give people red light on things that use them, so if the smallest issue happens they literally call salad a scam out of nowhere even tho it’s not related to salad at all.

I’m happy they removed the offerwalls and looking for a better way for us to earn money, the community challenges are not enough but they sure are a step towards better earning fair and equal to everyone.


yea i agree, im on a mac so pc isnt that great, i was about to get nitro but then no :frowning:

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okay i get what you’re saying now

and this was one of the thoughts that came up to my mind like, Okay they removed Offerwalls but i wouldn’t mind it if they get something worth it in replacement like we don’t want extra simplier ways of earning salad balance to stop mining is for sure the main right now but who wouldn’t want extra

the thing is i hope that as you said they get one of these to replace Offerwalls as soon as possible and i would accept it

Thank you for your answer :slight_smile:

as i replied to Angaros, the same applies to your reply

i would happily accept it if they replace the Offerwalls itself with something that is even better as an extra way to earn

there are people with low-end PC’'s and people that just barely make $1 a day with their GPU’s so i guess we all agree & would want more ways of earning salad balance inside the platform itself

to make it more clear a third way besides Mining/Referrals don’t count anything else in because that’s just a community thing

i hope so either my guy

no, I looked at the privacy policy for those offerwalls and holy crap. I also did an experiment with a new email I created and gave my email to 10 of those survery things. Today I have 7,102 emails on that and that was about 8 months ago. They still send me emails every day. Offerwalls is basically selling your data to shady companies, I always didn’t like the fact that salad had that feature without any warning that your data will be stolen.

That’s wrong. You are using an advertising portal and you gave them your email voluntarily there’s no requirement. Offerwall companies won’t get any personal info that salad has from Salad without you giving it to the offerwall company. Your data will not be stolen but you accepted the privacy policy of those survey sites.

Also: I did not get any emails from any survey companies even tho I signed up for them.

Your claims of data-stealing are wrong as you literally accepted their privacy policies.