Gift cards: Gas Stations

We all love snacks, what better place to go than the gas station around the block on your bike or scooter (or some other mode of portable transportation, heck even in your car if that works for you)?

While Salad has Visa cards, you can’t make a cash withdraw from them because you would need the physical card at an ATM, and you can’t use a credit card you don’t have to make payments at the store… at least in my experience, never tried.

So I live right next to a small Shell gas station that I wish I had a physical income to have a daily bag of chips for $2.17 (with tax). I want a way to tell the cashier a gift card code and I will have the credit to buy my chips.

Salad store operators, please consider this. And for the high-end miners, you could literally live off of fuel heavily discounted (if not free) on your Salad earnings if this happens.

Y E S, i would love to mine with my pc to get that sweet Pringles To Go can

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How would salad get an giftcard for your local gas station. It would be easier to get your visa delivered to you as its an option on Prepaid Digital Solutions.

also Shell does not sell giftcards maybe if it was a big chain of supermarkets / gas station these could work but TangoCard does not sell many of these giftcards and are pretty much only in the USA.

Good idea but can’t be added due to their suppliers.