GPU dosen't work with Salad after overclocking

//I’m running my system on Debian 10.10 Buster GNU/Linux with Coolbits set to 28

I can normally run Salad fine but it is pretty slow and I thought I might overclock my GPU to mine a bit faster (It dosen’t hurt to try ;c), but to my surprise after overclocking
my 1650 4gb Salad just says “Your GPU isn’t supported” (Even though it is?)
Does anyone know why this is happening? I have the proprietary Nvidia drivers installed and everything works fine except for salad (CPU Mining works fine with my CPU {Ryzen 3 3200g overclocked at 4ghz} but that’s even slower than gpu mining.)
If anyone could help, that’d be really appreciated.

TL;DR: Salad won’t mine after GPU being overclocked on Linux.

~Reda (redaam)
edit: Fixed typo.

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Have you tried disabling the OC and then mining?

That’s not really what I meant, the gpu works fine when it’s not overclocked thanks for the help though.

Then you have your solution. In order to mine you will need to lower your clocks or avoid OCing entirely.

well gee no shit sherlock -.-
PS. That dosen’t add anything to my thread.

A lot of the people who provide support here aren’t very experienced with Debian (myself included), so please bear with us as we try to figure out the issue. At face value, it seems that your overclock is too high to be stable while mining, and thus the miners are crashing when they try to run. You’ll need to find a more stable clock speed. Other than this, I have no idea what the issue could possibly be. Your GPU should work fine with Salad, and the only variable that is differing from the usual is your OC.

Please also try to be polite with people trying to help you! It doesn’t hurt to be nice.