GPU Limiter and CPU limiter

:smiley: I would like to se a dial for a gpu limiter so your gpu doesnt work 100% all the time so you can do maybe from 10% to 100% usage of your gpu and cpu for that matter. Thanks. :smiley:

While this isn’t in Salad-app just yet, it is already possible to do it, using CLI.
CLI is just getting the miners to run independently, and then pointing the earnings to your Salad account.
Both Phoenix and XMRig CPU allow to set custom amounts of usage, so you don’t have it running at full speed constantly.
Here’s the link to it if you’re interested:

It is possible if you use windows, just go to task manager, and click on CPU if its CPU mining and GPU if its on GPU mining, select and right click your miner>go to details, right click your miner (again) and set priority to below normal/low. It however, does not limit it to a specific percentage (and also impacts your earnings, of course)

Well it’s just changing the priority, not the usage necessarily. If you wanted to change usage you can press set affinity to change the number of threads it can use.