GPU Mining Fail

I’ve tried to chop with my gpu


But it just doesn’t recognize it. Maybe it’s because it’s too weak to mine? Help would be appreciated, thanks

I’ve confirmed my GPU is an RX 570 with 8GB vram, but I still can’t get it to work!

Can i ask what operating system this is

Linux Mint 20 (Ulyana)

Is it using the TeamRed Miner? Since it’s AMD, it needs to use a specific miner in order work correctly.

Hm… May I ask how do I do that? I’ve heard of Angaros but i’m on linux and it’s for windows. Also, when I override detection, it tries many miners but they do not work.

If the Salad app is not picking the right miner for your AMD card, you might want to investigate SaladBind and see if that works in the mean time. It should have an option for choosing an AMD miner under Linux. It uses terminal, so ideally that shouldn’t be an issue if you’re already using Linux. (of course SaladBind isn’t affiliated with Salad nor do they endorse it.)