GPU VRAM misread (incorrect VRAM value)

So I’ve got an AMD Radeon 5600XT, comporable to a NVIDIA 2060/2060S. It’s got 6GBs of VRAM, but salad only detects it as 4GBs. Will this affect my productivity? If so, how do I change it to the correct value?

The misreporting of vram amounts is because of a bug in the API which Salad uses to report your specs, but it shouldn’t impact your earnings as long as it’s running PhoenixMiner (Can check this in the Earn tab > Miner Details).

This is an issue with a Windows API that Salad uses to detect your computer’s hardware. This shouldn’t affect anyone’s earnings except for the cases where a card with 4GB is somehow reported by Windows as only having 2GB, then Salad will skip any of the miners that require above 2GB of VRAM. As long as a card with greater than 4GB of VRAM is running PhoenixMiner, its earnings will not be affected by this issue.