Grouping offers

When browsing through the store without any filters applied and sorting by name there are a lot of “duplicate” items. These are not actually duplicates, as each item is it’s own specific item. Take Borderlands 3 for example, 24 items dedicated to just one game

Where as this is one of the worst offenders, there are other examples as well like gift cards and in game store credit.

Instead, would it be possible to have all “Borderlands 3” or “Steam gift cards” be put into a single modal and have an form for specifying the version or edition?

Similar to how sites like Amazon or Ali express show different sizes of the same set of clothing or different power adapter for a region.

We have already talked about this feature internally, and we really like it. One complexity that has come up: we now have over 20,000 items in the store! Unfortunately, there’s nothing currently tracking which rewards might be duplicates or alternatives of each other versus an altogether different product. Think of the nuances of standard versus deluxe editions and the base game versus expansion packs… looking at titles gets close, but machines do a crummy job at identifying these patterns & differences. On top of getting an improved design & layout, we also need to figure out how to get everything reorganized. While there’s no ETA to share, I think we’ll see something like this feature in the future.

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I can defiantly see how the initial transfer from the current system to a system with multiple editions can cause quite an logistics issue, glad to see it’s being picked up and that it has a positive response. Can’t wait to see it or the equivalent version of this feature!