GTX 1650 not working?

I’m trying to use my gtx 1650 to use salad. It worked fine for exactly one day before no longer working. Salad is whitelisted with windows defender. Salad support told me it might be cuz my gpu is too old, but the 1050 ti is compatible so i doubt thats the problem.

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Hey, and welcome to the forums! The reasoning behind this is probably the version of Salad you are running. The 1650 for some reason only works on version 0.4.0, you are most likely one the latest version. Could you check that for me and let me know?

How to find your version # - Setting > Bottom Left Corner

i am on version 0.5.2

that may have fixed it

Does it work now? Or is it still not compatible?

it is working better, but i woke up with my gpu at idle, after i set it to mine all night

it doesnt work again

weird, is it still bugging out?

unless you have a fix, i just give up

it would appear salad worked poorly with the overclock i had, and turning it down a tad worked wonders

So it worked better when you underclocked it?

yeah i just had to turn my overclock down a little bit, but it’s working great right now

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