How can i get my salad id and rig id

How can i get my salad id and rig id like this 3JgjH5V3mT56F3kqCjLTzqirZz8ei9cNH5.



To get access to your ID, you’ll need to find your logs.

On Windows:
Search for " %appdata% ", then go in the Salad folder, then the logs folder, and finding the " main.log " file.
You can also navigate yourself there: C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\Salad\logs\main.log

On MacOS:
Open your library, and search for the " Logs " folder. Then navigate to " Salad ", and open the " main.log ".

Once you are in your logs, you’ll need to look for the “Worker” Line.

I’m guessing you want to know this in order to use Salad in CLI.
While Salad does not provide support for this, I invite you to DM me on discord (Angaros#1263) if you want to talk about it.