How can i make sure i dont damage my gpu

i started mining recently and i wanna make sure my 2080 wont be shortened or preform worse when gaming because it cost me a lot and i couldn’t live without it lol

also do you recommend i OC or under power

Overclock would be causing your gpu to break, a 2080 is designed to go at full power all the time, it wont shorten its life

A good mining overclock involves both underclocking and overclocking;
Increasing memory clock - To increase hashrate
Decrease power limit - To a certain point this will not have any impact on your earnings, while reducing unnecessary heat output
Decrease core clock - For most gpus (Those running PhoenixMiner), this will also not decrease earnings to a certain point, and can reduce temperatures / power usage

This is at least what I have observed from my ~half year of mining + overclocking, anyone else feel free to add your input