How do I change the miner that Salad uses?

How do I change the miner that Salad is currently using? When I first downloaded and ran Salad, it detected my GPU (Radeon 5700XT) as only having 4 GB of the 8 GB of vRAM, so it put me on XMRig, which made me a decent amount of money. Recently, Salad updated and was having difficulties detecting my GPU and gave me the option of switching to CPU mining or Overriding the GPU detection. If I tried Overriding it, it would detect my GPU just fine and was able to detect all 8 GB of vRAM and had me start running PhoenixMiner. Now I’m making hardly anything, despite leaving my PC on for hours on end. Is there any way I could possibly switch back to XMRig or at least get PhoenixMiner working properly?

Images (top - XMRig, bottom - PhoenixMiner):

Sorry to hear you’re having troubles with mining. I believe your card should be mining Ethash with PhoenixMiner. That would be the most profitable. It sounds like something is misbehaving.

I’m going to transfer your issue to an official support ticket. You should get an email. Please reply and attach your Salad application log file. We can help investigate!