How do I get infinite money on Salad by using Cheat Engine?

How do I get infinite money on Salad by using Cheat Engine? I once tried getting infinite money on Salad by using Cheat Engine but it did not work. What should I do?


Let me get this straight:
You’re asking in an official support channel of a company how to deliberately scam that same company.

Anyhow, let’s proceed:
You can’t.
Cheat Engine is a program that changes memory values to cheat in games… However, Salad is not a game.
Your balance and mining speeds and whatnot are not stored locally, they’re in a server, so no matter what you do you can’t just magically change the values to get free money.

I still don’t understand how it’s possible to be stupid enough to download cheating software for games - let alone for applications.

Sorry mate, but you’re in a dead end.


this tutorial will help you do it.

Hope I was able to help you! cheers. :slight_smile:


Wow great it worked!

Hey! I’ve found an exploit on this. I suggest reading this: The EXPLOIT

It works for now and may be fixed at some point.
Hope this helps

Totally not illegal and why should anyone scam a company like salad that is offering free stuff to people?

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they don’t offer anything for free. you mine crypto for them smh also not illegal btw

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it is in fact illegal. Have you ever heard of robbery and fraud

Its not.
You are not robbing any irl money only “credits” that dont have any real world value

Well that currency is then exchanged for “real life value” so it is tricking someone into giving you something for free which is considered fraud and or robbery

Thats not how it works.

Theres no laws about these services & real life value items. Its not illegal but salad could suspend your account for using cheatengine

I don’t remember when they made robbery legal but who am I to argue with a furry

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Works everytime. Thanks!

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I figured it out!
Turns out, you don’t use salad! You use a diffrent miner, one called “Easy Miner”.

Here’s how to do it!

Both of you are both right and wrong, so let me help you both out a bit. It is in fact legal to cheat in infinite money in salad if you never used it on anything, if it were actually possible. It becomes illegal when you start to use that money from salad to redeem things, it’s just like going to a store and stealing all the codes for the gift cards. Also, just because someone is a furry doesn’t mean you are above them or they are dumber than you. It’s literally something some person likes.

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You are 12 years old.

I searched how to Buy irl stuff with salad and this pops up, nice!