How does referrals work exactly?

Hello there fellow Chefs, I started using salad like 2 weeks ago and it’s working well so far, but as the title suggests I don’t really understand how referrals work. I invited a friend of mine through e-mail, he got the e-mail, downloaded the software, typed in my referral code and started chopping. I’ve read the description about the referral bonuses, I understand that my friend is having 2x earning rate till he reaches 4 dollars, but I don’t understand my bonus, I get it that I get 50% of his earnings but I don’t understand the 1 dollar part, I only have 50% bonus from him till he earns 1 dollar? or I get 1 dollar everytime he earns 1 dollar or do I get the 50% bonus plus the 1 dollar every time? I’m sorry if my question sounds dumb but I simply don’t understand my bonus. I also activated his referral code just for science and I did received the 2x earning rate, but the progress bar hasn’t moved even though I earned since then, thanks for the help!

There is currently an issue with the referral system, neither the code user nor the code owner will earn balance from referral codes at the moment. The developers are aware of the issue and it’s being worked on.

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I understand and thank you for your quick response :slight_smile:

So the code I received from the friend is " done " the progress bar is at the max and says at the end that it’s completed, but I can’t do anything, there’s nothing to click on and I can’t type in bonus codes for 2x earnings because it’s still showing the code that I got from my friend, it’s been like this for months now, is it bugged?

No, this all seems pretty normal.

You get one code to use only, so it will always show the code you used, and the bar will remain in the “completed” state.

Your bonuses have already been claimed (since you were mining at x2 speed already - before the code completed)

If you have more questions feel free to ask.

So it’s normal that it’s been like this for months now? If so then where do I enter those x2 codes like the METAVERSE5 if not here? Or do I get to use one code for a lifetime and when that expires, that’s it I won’t be able to use new codes?


You can only use 1 code, and that will be locked in for lifetime - even once completed.

Basically, you had a x2 bonus up to $4 thanks to the code 8LKIV6, but now that it is complete, that’s it! You already had the rewards.

What you can now do is share your own code with other people, where if they use it and mine themselves you’ll also be able to make some money!

Have a nice day!

I see, thanks for the clarification.

Have a nice day aswell.

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