How i can speed my mine, and i use GPU or CPU?

please help me with this i want to discord nitro, thx<3


When mining, GPUs are generally going to be more productive than the CPU, so I suggest using that if you can.
To improve your earnings, on Salad, there are 3 main options:

  • Overclocking
  • Referrals
  • Offerwalls.

For the overclocking, I suggest you look on internet! There are many guides available, and there is probably a website where people have tested your GPU’s settings for maximum efficiency and stability.

For the referral code, just ask around! Each Salad user has a code, so you can either choose randomly, or use one from someone that you like!

The offerwalls are a great way to amp the earnings! While they do not provide additional mining speed, it does give you more balance so I decided to add it to this list.

And lastly, cryptominers work best when you’re AFK, that is to say they they are used as little as possible by other programs except for the cryptominer itself, thus using all the resources of your computer solely for mining.

That’s pretty much it, I hope it was able to help you with earning more using Salad!



thanks man i go to try <3