How long before game cone appears in Reward Vault

I bought GTA V after mining for a while. How long will it take for the GTA V Activation Code to appear in the Reward Vault?

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Codes are currently not shown in the reward vault, so you’ll have to pick it up in your email address.
Have a good day.

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Noted, thank you.

Although I have not yet received an email, how long do the activation codes take to be issued generally?

It shows GTA V in my Chopping Cart

In the chopping cart? Are you sure you’ve bought it? The items in there are usually the ones not yet bought…

The salad cash (credits - money earned) have been deducted. So I’m not sure. I will post a photo…


I had 27 something dollars after I purchased 13 and a few cents.

same dude. I bought a steam code last night and it’s almost been 24 hours but it’s not in my reward vault nor email. I hope that our problems get fixed and we get our fair share of what we redeemed.

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did you manage to get it though? after almost 2 weeks? i have the same issue and im hoping i will get my code in my email soon

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If you have not received your code in your email yet, please make a ticket describing the issue here: Submit a request – Salad Support

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I did after I lodged a ticked for help on the matter. Within a few hours Salad support contacted me with the issue fixed :grin:

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only a few hours? lucky, it’s already been 4 days for me :frowning:

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