Hypixel ranks dont arrive

Hello Salad chefs, I bought hypixel vip rank, but did not arrive. Please help me :c

Hello there!
There are two things to know about the Hypixel ranks bought on the Salad store:

  • They are bought and given to your account manually, so they may take some time to arrive. (Like a couple days usually)
  • There is currently a temporary issue which makes them arrive even later…

Hope this helped!

I buy it about 4 days ago, is it still on time?

I bought one last week (3rd March) still nothing, i gona wait a little more.
As Angaros said, it may take some times. But i bought a discord nitro and it came directly, so i think the people who making the buying are busy/unavailable right now. Wait and See.

Hope it will unlock soon

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Hey xadu,

In the Settings tab in Salad, did you link your Mojang account to Salad? If you didn’t, that may be the problem.


Another reason, like Angaros said, is because ranks are given to your account manually, and may take a couple days to arrive.

Hope this helps,

  • Conn

Hey, xadu.

If you bought it during the weekend it may take more than a week as salad does them in buy waves.

Check out how have added your Minecraft Username already to your salad account