Hypixel Skyblock Gems

I think a good addition to the store would be Hypixel Skyblock Gems. Salad already has Skyblock.net coins and Hypixel Gold, as well as Hypixel Companions and Badlion items, so why not Hypixel Skyblock gems? Skyblock is Hypixel’s biggest gamemode, and there is no way to transfer gold to gems. :confused:


Hello gamingemailthomas,

There actually is a way to convert gold into gems. Go to the bedwars lobby (or any lobby for that matter) and head over to the Hypixel Store NPC. He is located towards the back and to the right in the bedwars lobby. Open the menu, and there should be a skyblock menu button on the top. Click it and you should be able to find the option to convert gold into gems. You can spend 999 gold and gain 1350 gems. I hope this helps!


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