Hypixel time to redeem

Hello the community,
I’ve seen someone asking for how long it takes time it take for the hypixel stuff.

I’ve took a MVP+ rank on the 3.3.21 on the morning ( 07:49am utc+1). And no news since the email.

If some ppl took some hypixel rewards how long it took for you to have it active on your account?

I’ve checked, it’s the good minecraft account.

I know it’s made manually by the devs, but there is no update or anything since. Sadly.

So how long for you it took?

Please let more time.
We know this waiting time can be troublesome, but your reward will be sent at some point. 2 days is still too soon be able to determine if there’s an issue, so please be patient a little more.

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Thx Angaros,
I’ll wait until next week and if i’ve nothing there, i’ll ask again.
Happy chopping all

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