I can't mine with GPU but can with cpu

So I recently phased this issue like I wasn’t able to mine with GPU it says u have to whitelist salad but I did that already infact I even whitlistrd the process still nothing says the same thing but I can mine with cpu with 0 errors but cpu mining does even give me a penny so plz help me my vram is 2gb (my GPU not the issue) and it is vega 8 graphics and processor ryzen 5 3500u 16gb ram so help me

Your GPU is the problem actually, because the Vega 8 is called an APU (Don’t be scared, all this means is that’s it’s not a dedicated GPU, it’s that your GPU is physically on the CPU chip.)
Learn more about APUs here (<- link)

This has a few meanings:

  • It is less powerful than a dedicated GPU
  • It doesn’t have its dedicated VRAM like a dedicated GPU would have

What this does:

  • You can’t mine using, it simply isn’t powerful and doesn’t have enough dedicated VRAM.

There you have it!

to mine with a GPU u generally need 6 gigs of vram regular ram is not going to help you at all. and the community leader hit the nail on the head.