I can't run GPU mining when it was working completely fine earlier

Hello, I am using a NVIDIA GTX GeForce 1050 Ti graphics card, and I was using Salad completely fine a few hours ago, no issues at all until now. I went back onto Salad, pressed start and it gave me the “Salad is unable to run on your GPU” error 3 times. I disabled my anti-virus and all that jazz but nothing. It works completely fine on CPU, GPU is the problem. I need some sort of solution by you smart people because I don’t know what happened.

Try restarting your PC.
Try uninstalling and then re-installing your anti-virus.
Try uninstalling and then re-installing Salad.

I tried all of that and it did not work- I can’t re install my anti virus though since it’s Windows Defender.

Can you restart Windows Defender then? I don’t know much about Windows because I am on an iMac.

Restarted PC. Nothing changed though.
I can’t reinstall my anti-virus because it’s also Windows Defender, it’s impossible to “restart the app”
Reinstalled Salad, nothing changed.