I click to mine and the error

I click on Start to start the mining and the GPU error, why does it give this error? Screenshot by Lightshot

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This is likely a bug occurring somewhere when we were trying to get you to mine.

The easiest way to get this issue fixed is for you to submit a bug report, as you will be able to get detailed help over there and we will look at the issue closely.

You can submit a request here:

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This isn’t due to a “bug” in Salad. This error appears when Salad believes you have the requisite hardware (a good enough GPU or CPU to run one of the supported miners), but fails to get any of them running correctly. There are numerous reasons why this may occur (not enough free VRAM, outdated GPU drivers, etc.). Looking through your Salad application log file is usually necessary to identify the root cause. For your privacy, we only recommend sharing your application log file with our official support team.


i need help it keeps saying my cpu and gpu cant run it when I’ve done so before

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I’d recommend starting your own forum thread and posting more details about the problem (e.g. what have you tried, what errors do you receive). Alternatively, you can follow the advice above and create a support ticket & attaching your application log file. Things have changed in the app (even in the past two weeks!!), and it’s possible we have some new options to get you running.