I'll be half way through level 20 on the end date, is there any way to get the shirt?

I’ll need 1.5 more days at the current rate but doesn’t seem like I will make it unless the date is pushed back a bit. Is there any way I could purchase the shirt for cheap or am I just out of luck since I won’t make it?

I don’t think that you can purchase the shirt. You will probably make it since the season ends on September 3rd. If you don’t make it, well you are out of luck.

Hi there! Melissa here from the Salad Product team. Unfortunately the level 20 items are exclusive to the users who reach level 20 for Season 1. However you are in luck, because there will be more opportunities soon to purchase physical items in the storefront with your Salad balance, as well as many new goodies to be announced with Season 2. Stay tuned!