Incorrect ETH share from GPU1

Just noticed that I haven’t earned anything for the last few days. Checked the log and I’m getting these messages. Any ideas? After I noticed, I did quit Salad and restarted and it downloaded another version of Phoenix miner.

Eth: Incorrect ETH share from GPU1

Eth: Mining ETH on ssl:// for 0:53
Eth: Accepted shares 0 (0 stales), rejected shares 0 (0 stales)
Eth: Incorrect shares 27 (100.00%), est. stales percentage 0.00%
Eth: Average speed (5 min): 45.229 MH/s
Eth: Effective speed: 0.00 MH/s; at pool: 0.00 MH/s

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Please submit a support ticket.

Submitted a ticket. Anyway there was an Nvidia driver update so I installed, rebooted and I think I’m good now.

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