Is NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1050 ti supported by salad?

i keep getting this message everytime i try to use my gpu Screenshot 2021-03-06 055215

Make sure your GPU has enough available VRAM when starting Salad (make sure nothing besides Salad is using your GPU), then restart Salad. This could perhaps also be an issue with your Antivirus, if you have an antivirus and it’s blocking Salad, you can try one of the tutorials here to whitelist Salad so the miners aren’t deleted: Anti-Virus – Salad Support

How much VRAM does it need.Do i need to close these? Cs i have no clue why its not working these are the only things that use the GPU

Screenshot 2021-03-06 173240

Salad needs a little bit over 2GB of VRAM to run the GPU miners.

what you are showing doesn’t mean they are using Vram, there is a lot of utilisation of a graphic card.go into perf’ and in GPU 0

how can i restart salad? and i DELETED my antivirus but it still saying the same thing