Is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M supported on Salad?

I hope it’s supported because that’s the only Graphics Card that I have.

Do you mind sharing a screenshot of GPU-Z with your GPUs details?

What do you mean? I didn’t understand.

Screen Shot 2021-05-11 at 9.51.47 AM
Do you mean by this? ^^^

Ah, you’re on macOS! Yeah, GPU-Z is only for Windows.

Right now, Salad doesn’t support GPU mining on macOS. (The miner developers have pretty much abandoned macOS.) You can CPU mine. This is an older model, I wouldn’t expect more than low pennies a day, though.


This is my current stats for CPU mining. You are right, I earn about 5-10 cents per day.

Do you think there will ever be GPU mining support for macOS in the future whether it will be with Salad or other platforms?

Yes, XMRig is the notable developer still building for macOS (and we currently use XMRig in Salad on macOS). XMRig supports GPU mining, and they added support for the KawPow alrogithm (Ravencoin) just a little while back. I tried to run it, but I couldn’t get it to work due to complaints about missing specific OpenCL developer kits. It appears extra software needs to be installed in order to get it to run. Unfortunately, we have very few macOS users, and trying to get this to work hasn’t yet made it on our core roadmap as a priority. To be clear-- support for macOS was added to Salad by a community member (the power of open source contributions!). I’d be happy to review and consider a community-developed contribution.

I know that GPU mining on macOS is possible, as there have been users who have used other programs for mining bitcoin and stuff. For example, BFGminer is another macOS program where you can mine bitcoin. Somehow, when I have my eGPU connected, and I run BFGminer, it is using all of the resources from the eGPU, as I can see from Activity Monitor. However, it is a very confusing setup and is based on lucky pool mining whereas salad is more user-friendly.

Does that mean that I can mine with my eGPU/GPU on mac with Salad?

Not at this time. Salad only supports CPU mining on macOS. An open source contribution to enable GPU mining on macOS is welcome.

What do you mean by ‘open-source contribution’? I didn’t understand.

The Salad applications are open source and in the following GitHub repository:

Today, Salad only supports CPU mining on macOS. If a community member is able to figure out how to get the GPU miner(s) to work on macOS and incorporate any needed changes in Salad, I’d be happy to review a pull request of that work on GitHub for inclusion in a new version of the desktop apps

One might ask, “Why isn’t Salad doing it?” The current support for Linux & macOS was added via pull request from a fellow community member! The community member only had Linux machines available to test. We tried our best to test the macOS side, but there were issues getting GPU mining to work. We didn’t have the resources (team size, time, and access to different types of Macs) to figure it out, but we still released what was working in case it was useful to some. We’re still a relatively small team, and we don’t have the resources to do everything we’d like (look at the feature request category :grin:).

We’re working hard everyday to improve Salad for as many users as we can. This particular request just isn’t something we can help tackle at this time.

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