Is the Nvidia gt 1030 supported?

I wanted to mine with my ft 1030 but it doesn’t seem to work
Is it supported or are there some problems with my pc?

It primarily depends on the amount of VRAM in the card. Can you post a screenshot of the GPU-Z page for your card?

With only 2GB of VRAM, I don’t think that card has the chops to earn. There’s a really unprofitable plugin that might run, but you’d earn a tiny fraction of a penny per day. You could give it a try, but I really don’t think it’d be worth it. The highest earning GPUs have 6GB or more of VRAM.

You could try out CPU mining, and see what type of earnings you get. Otherwise, I’d just recommend that you stay tuned to future Salad news. We’re always looking for new ways to put your computer to work, and we’re hoping to introduce options for machines without high-end GPUs, as well.

Mine VerusCoin, not on salad but it’s like $0.20 a day