Is this a bug or normal?

when i have salad open before update my hashrate was 44.5-45.5mhs but now after the season 1 update i only get 33-36mhs and i checked and when i close out salad hashrate goes back to normal and salad is all i have open is this normal or a bug?

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Thanks for calling this out, Chef! This was unintentional, and due to a misconfiguration in the Salad app. We’ve released a new version, v0.5.5, that addresses this by ensuring Electron (the code on which the Salad app is built) doesn’t use your GPU’s resources.

Your Salad app should auto-update over the next launch or two. However, you can also move it along by downloading and installing the latest version from

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Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve also had this issue (but was fixed by the update and never had time to ask on the fourms)

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