List of features

Center start & profile button.
Right now the Start & Profile button looks really weird, I think it would look way better if they were aligned on the same height at all the other buttons in the menu.

Change the way the “Store” & “Earn” buttons work.
Currently, you can only access the pages by clicking on them and then choosing a category. I think it would be easier to use if you could access the page by just clicking the text, and make the menu appear on hover.

Make all pages match the new season 1 pages.
Keeping the same design everywhere is always the best, it would be better if the other pages (Store, earn, referrals, etc.) followed the same color scheme and fonts (Green background and same font).

Quick starting guide for new users.
Just like the old version of Salad, it would be useful to have a quick starting guide that explains Salad after the first launch, to help new users understand Salad.

Pin/Passwords for payments.
Secure payments by adding an optional option to set a Pin, on top of the already existing email verification for Payments.

Customizable autostart time.
After a long time of having autostart, there still isn’t an option to set a custom time for autostart. It would be really useful to set a custom date/time for when Salad will start, and maybe even stop mining.

GPU/CPU Stats monitoring in Salad.
It would be a useful feature to be able to monitor your memory usage, temps, etc. in Salad!

Also Jared if you’re reading this please reply to my discord dms crii

Customizable autostart time is actually a good idea

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