Make the option to change to another algorithm or remove Etchash support

I was making really good passive income on my RX 580 (8gb,) but after a while i started to notice that my earnings were practically halved. I soon found out why thanks to Pepesalad in the discord. It was using etchash as its algorithm. There is no way to change back to ethash, which was working perfect for me. I now have to set up a CLI to run Ethash on PhoenixMiner. Please let others in the same boat as me (there are) be spared the inconvenience of setting up a CLI and allow us to make a choice on our algorithm.

Absolutely this, or at least a way to change away from etchash

So this was caused by a bug where AMD GPUs were being detected as only having 4GB of VRAM. This affected a few plugins, Ethash being of particular note. We just pushed out a new version 0.5.4 that fixes this VRAM detection issue. Upgrade today, and verify the amount of VRAM detected on the Earn > Mining Details page in the app. If you have more than 4GB of VRAM, Salad should start off with Ethash mining.

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