Make XP useful!

We have XP. A lot. Make it do something!

Add cool funny easter eggs cause why not
i mean just to add more of a fun salad feel i guess lol

Could fit in with this maybe potentially possibly at some point?

ooh yeah that’d be cool

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I presume there will be rewards for unlocking veggie badges eventually

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yeah but it’ll probably be pretty hard to implement without making salad go poor…

im sure theyll figure something out

I’m trying to do something with xp related to saladmc :slight_smile: probably some cool rewards but we will do it manually with very specific requirements until we will find a way to do it automatically


that’d be cool, from what ive heard salad’s biggest concern with xp rewards outside of the app right now is security/privacy

though im sure there will be something eventually

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they have a pantry…

The idea here is not the pantry, it’s rewards coming from the XP


Maybe a 10 minute 1.5x boost every 10000 xp idk

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Salad would lose money.

Remember that I’m not asking specifically necessarily for economical rewards, it might just as well be something else :wink: