Mining intensity if possible

I know the title sounds crazy but hear me out, there is a way to do this since I’ve seen an app do this. It takes more GPU power however, in exchange for that, it gives you more money.

The miners are already configured to run at 100% intensity. The intensity options exist to turn it down when you need or want. Examples:

  • A laptop with poor GPU cooling may continually hit temperature threshold limits. By throttling the miner using the intensity option, one can find a performance and temperature trade-off to avoid the temperature limits. In some cases, this may actually increase profitability. (When you hit the temperature limits, mining pauses for a considerable amount of time to wait for the temperature to return to normal.)
  • A user wants to use their computer for other tasks while continuing to mine “in the background”. It doesn’t always work, but sometimes this can be accomplished by throttling the miner using the intensity option. It really depends on the miner & application, though.

In most cases, changing the miner intensity will decrease the amount of Salad Balance you earn. However, we’ve heard from a number of users about interesting scenarios where this capability can improve their experience using Salad.

We have talked about this feature internally, and we really like it. We’re beginning to look at how we could incorporate this into the Salad app. While there’s no ETA to share, we do hope there’s an opportunity to see it in the not too distant future.

Cool! Can’t wait to see that in the future.