Mining problem pls help

I m a Salad user and have a problem
first of all, here are my device Specs-
|Device name|DESKTOP-4DUMJNU|

–Processor|Intel(R) Core™ i5-4570T CPU @ 2.90GHz 2.90 GHz|
–Installed RAM|16.0 GB|
–GPU - Nvidia Geforce Gt 730 (4GB RAM)

Question-Why is Salad Mining so slow on my CPU? Not even 0.01 dollars in an hour?
When I try to do GPU mining, it shows UNCOMPATIBLE.
So I have to earn by CPU or can I Overide UNCOMATIBLE?


Unfortunately, CPU mining is just really damn slow, especially compared to GPU mining. Additionally, your CPU is eight years old and only two of its threads can be used for mining due to its limited amount of cache.

I couldn’t find any GT 730s with 4GB of VRAM. It should only have two. Cards with two gigabytes of memory can be a bit “hit or miss”. They’re incredibly close to the VRAM limit and as such generally either only mine unreliably or not at all.

You can try enabling the GPU detection override, but if you’re unable to get to the “Chopping” phase you will have to mine on your CPU.

Edit: For more info check Salad’s support page: Is My Machine Compatible With Salad? – Salad Support

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I Checked my dxdiag its 4gb Vram

There does indeed appear to be ~two models of GT 730’s with 4gb of VRAM
Regardless, it is quite a low-end / weak GPU, and is unfortunately unlikely to earn very much anyways