More Offer walls

Add more offer walls with surveys so more people can use the app if their GPU or CPU isn’t that good like mine. I bet there are lots of people that have a bad pc but still try to use the app and test their luck (me) but fail. If there were more offer walls, more people would use it and it would help everyone who uses it a lot. It creates a whole new earning opportunity that people can use. People can also use on their browser so people that can’t download apps or can use it. I know there are already 2 offer walls but most of the time for me, I can only do 1 survey because the rest don’t work for me. Most of the other ones are paid, ask for your phone number, ask where you live, cost real money, or take too long to complete. This is the reason I am asking for more offer walls.

There is also a down side. More people might need support using it and there might be more bugs. You would have to give more money to everyone who uses so you would earn less (maybe). If this did create more bugs, you would have to try fix it or get rid of it overall.

Overall, I really hope you can add more offer walls and if you can’t, I understand your problem. Thank you for reading this :slight_smile:


I agree, have a laptop and can mine a little,so I need to do offerwalls but I don’t wan’t to redeem all my data,pay or can‘t download apps,and for me yoursurveys is the best one but it can only be done once per day.


This idea is good but theres some problems:
A) Salad must partner with them
B) Salad must get a good rate
C) They must be trusted.
D) Fees must be small.

Salad must partner them to get a good rate & to integrate the salad wallet into it.
Salad must get a really good rate from the offerwall so when you do something salad gets money & you get some,
The offerwall must be trusted to handle a lot of users and must not be a scam.
And Salad probably wants very small fees


I would recommend ayeT-Studios as i did alot offers there on other Websites and they always credited. Dont know if the problems you mentioned apply to this one.

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