More ways to earn and make veggies give some sort of reward

Make there more ways to earn in Salad now that offerwalls are gone. Also make it so that veggies give some sort of reward when collected. Like a 1.5x earning boost for like 30 mins or something. Also add more stats to the mining page and maybe a few more settings


Ever noticed the Hotjar polls we had a few weeks back? If not, let me remind you: we asked users if they would be interested in giving up part of they internet or storage to get more balance on Salad.
I do not know the results of that poll, but we can certainly imagine that if that poll was made, it is being worked on, or at least is thought about.

The idea to make XP useful is not new (heck, I even made a post about this in the forums back in 2020), and the team has been planning it for a long time (as long as I’ve been in the Discord as a mod: 2 years), so it might come at some point!

I’d be interested to know what more stats you’d like to see appear, and which settings would make a good fit. Are we talking more visual settings (fonts, color… etc) or more mining settings (choose pool, miner, algo … etc)?

I think it would be cool if the veggies gave users the option for different colour schemes.

Not too bad of an idea!

Maybe choices for miners and visual settings. Also a button to reinstall miners cos for some reason all of my miners apart from phoenix miner got removed and I can’t reinstall them, even with an uninstall and reinstall

It won’t install all the miners, only those that it needs…
Since Phoenix is the first in the list, it will try that and if it works it will directly start to mine, without installing the other miners, since they are not necessary.
In the case that Phoenix wasn’t compatible with your machine, it would switch to say XMRig or GMiner, and install those now.