My anti Virus is off but it still doesn`t work

Hi guys my Anti Virus is off, but Salad still says its on,
When I press start it first comes the Xmrig Miner then Phoenix and moments before the Anti Virus thing comes It switches to Gminer does somebody know what to do?

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same for me pls help it doesn’t let me mine and I deleted avast

Can you please check that Windows Defender is also not interfering with the Salad install files, in the case that you have another antivirus… It sometimes happens that if you have to antiviruses and disable one, the other will start its functions again and block the download and running of Salad.

My Windows Defender is off I cant turn it on
My Firewall is off
and 2 days before it worked

It would probably make a lot of sense to provide the name of the Anti-Virus Software.

I just said Windows defender

That didn’t mean you were using Windows Defender, it is default.

Generally if you cannot turn it on it’s because you are running another anti-virus so it will be disabled, if you are sure no other anti-virus is installed then I’m not sure, you’ll need to do some research to figure out what causes that.

I had Avast but I deleted it