My GPU is not compatible

hi, i just installed salad yesterday but i cant mine from my gpu. It says its not compatible. I added salad to whitelist also… But still not working. Can anybody help me thx


Which GPU model do you have?

I have gtx 960m and Intel hd 530

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I have a similar issue but a different setup:
Radeon Pro Vega 20 and Intel UHD Graphics 630

It should be able to run the Pro Vega 20, shouldn’t it? That card is on par with the Radeon R9 380.

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That should be compatible normally, but there’s been issues with 900 series NVIDIA cards which prevent them from mining.
You’ll have to CPU mine for now.

The Pro Vega 20 should be able to mine, yes- Do you happen to be on a Mac? GPU mining isn’t supported on macs, unfortunately.

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:frowning_face_with_open_mouth: Bruh…
Macs in general, or Catalina and Big Sur? I’m using an Intel-core Macbook Pro, running Mojave.
What do I have to donate my earnings to in order to get it supported?

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All macs. We don’t take donations.

Gooodd… CPU mining is like 0.01 dollar per day man. Can’t u find a solution :frowning:

The only thing I can think of is Boot Camp. VirtualBox is confusing for me, I’ll write back if I find that it works, but for now, AMD does not have driver software (Adrenalin) for macOS outside of use with Boot Camp, since most Mac devices didn’t use AMD cards until recently, and until late 2019 it was paired with an Intel card. They don’t even list the Vega 16 or Vega 20 on their supported hardware selection in the help center.

you are getting at least 1 cent per day, I am getting about 0.5 cents every day.

I think that it is a mac GPU. If it is, well then you wouldn’t be able to mine. Mac GPUs aren’t supported by Salad and wouldn’t be for about another year or two (because it isn’t on top of their Priority List)