My salad is not working on my CPU nor GPU

Hi, I am a new user of salad and I am unable to run salad with my CPU nor GUP, please someone help
What I have-
CPU- intel core i5 10gen
GPU- Nvidia MX 330

Hey there!
It’s normal for the GPU not being able to run, you’d need at least about 3GB of available VRAM in order to start mining. For CPU mining, I need to know exactly how much available RAM you have when you start to mine.

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Thank you for your respond, but my CPU is the 2and latest in the market.

Even being that, it is still an i5, and a CPU, which are already not the fastest earners…
I still do need to know how much available RAM you have, as that is sometimes what makes a CPU incompatible even though the CPU is supported (Salad works even on pentiums, with enough RAM)

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Is 4gb ram salad also enough to mine?

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I also can’t seem to run salad on CPU or GPU

-CPU Intel Inside I7-4510U CPU
-RAM= 8.00GB

Pls Help