New coins for mining

I want salad to mine these coins

  1. Ethereum for 6 gb or more gpus
  2. Ravencoin for 4 gb gpus
  3. Monero for 2-3 gb gpus and cpu
    For ethereum it should use PhoenixMiner
    For Ravencoin it should use Trex-Miner
    For Monero it should use XMRig
    I want salad to also mine ravencoin because it’s price is going up very fast and it would be profitable for both the devs and the users. You can send me a demo version if you like to [email protected]

Well for one, PheonixMiner doesn’t work on GPU’s that have lower than 4GB of vram.

I said for 6 gb or more GPUS it should use PhoenixMiner