New features for mining

There should be an option to cpu mine, gpu mine, and storage mine,
and there should be a way to mine with three of them at the same time on the same pc,
please put cpu mine and gpu mine at the same time at least
If you want this feature, then please upvote because we can make money faster cuz Salad = Richness
You can mine with burstcoin if you want to mine with storage(I don’t know what the fuck im saying)

I do agree with everything aside from the implementation of burstcoin mining, as it is highly unprofitable unless if you’re running full on storage servers or something; something which basically no average user will have.

Firstly, welcome to the Forums! Just as Ozua said, the average Salad user isn’t someone who has a full-blown mining setup. We’re just teens with gaming PC’s looking to make money whenever we aren’t using our PC’s. Although there are a few users who have a mining setup, most people who crypto mine rigorously use other websites where they get the crypto in their wallet.

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