New xp usage/battle pass?

So what happens to our current xp after this update do we just get a head start or will it be reset also when is this planned to be released?

Your profile will have two XP stats. First is your lifetime XP. That’s what you’ve been chopping & earning to date. Second is the new season XP. The season XP will count toward the levels & bonuses you can unlock. When a season ends, your season XP will stop ticking up. When a new season begins, the season XP will reset to zero. Your lifetime XP will never be reset and will continue to go up as you chop, regardless of the season schedule. There will be future unlocks tied to lifetime XP, so what you’ve got is still great and will continue to be an important part of your Salad profile.

Is their plans for people who unlocked everything like all the veggies to get some type of reward or will you just add more veggies to unlock anyways can’t wait for this update