No reply from support issue

I made a ticket describing my issue with low earnings. My earnings were from 1c-10c per 15 mins, with an rtx 2060.
Now my earnings have drastically decreased over the last few days, ranging from (on the graph) $0.01 - $0.04, this has been going on for at least a week and I’m making around $1 a day for an rtx 2060. I replied with my log files as they told me to but it’s been 9 days since then and no reply. No idea how my earnings are so low because they even said 1c-10c is low for an rtx 2060, let alone 1c-4c. Should I resubmit a ticket?

The decrease in earnings could be due to a couple things:

  • Salad could be running a miner less suitable for your GPU, in this case it would probably be XMRIG instead of Phoenixminer.
  • An updated GPU driver could be problematic for mining (not sure about this one).
  • Ethereum’s price has decreased a bit over the past couple weeks.

You should check and see if your GPU is running Phoenixminer, if it isn’t then try closing any background applications that could be using your GPU’s memory, then try restarting Salad. If it’s already running Phoenixminer and you’ve recently updated your drivers, try reinstalling the older driver version that you had while your earnings were high. If none of these are the case, then it’s probably just the recent dip in Ethereum’s price affecting your earnings. It might take a few days for your earnings to adjust.