Non-stop miner detection from my antivirus

I started downloading the miners and then came back 1 hour later to see how it was going, MalwareBytes blocked 10 miners (I knew he would do that), but then, all of sudden MalwareBytes started detecting a lot of miners, like, I got 100 detections in 5 minutes, all of them were Bitcoin.Trojan.Miner.DDS (or something similar) It wouldnt stop detecting, it just stopped after I unistalled Salad, I got kinda scared off because I didnt know what was happening so I dont know its really safe to use it, can someone explain why that happened??

hi, its perfectly normal for antiviruses to block miners, but if you got that many results, then its probably from this loop:
salad installs miners, runs them to check which one is compatible, malwarebytes deletes them, salad reinstalls them and it just keeps going
that, or malwarebytes flagged every single file in EVERY single folder as trojan, which also could be the case
i can assure you that salad is safe to use, if you plan to reinstall it, then turn off malwarebytes, download it, run it and then whitelist every single folder for the app

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Oh I see, thank you.