Not rewarding after completing survey

I used adgem offer and did as they instructed, also i was a new user, still after 1 day not got any reward

The offerwalls on Salad are third-party apps, so please contact their support if you’re having any issues.
For Adgem, you can do so by:

  • Going to AdGem offerwall (in the Salad app)
  • Click Reward
  • Click on whichever offer you’re having issues with
  • Click “Request Support”

For OfferToro:

  • Go to the Offertoro offerwall (in the Salad app)
  • Click on “My Balance”
  • Next to the offer you have issues with, click “Missing Balance?”

Sometimes, this button doesn’t appear, in which case you can just follow this link:

Good luck!

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